Prepare Your Exterior For Painting

House Painting Preparation

Painting the exterior of your house is a very demanding job and one that house paintingyou don’t want to do very often. To make sure that your paint job last for years to come, proper surface preparation is very important. If you decide to tackle this project, be prepared to devote as much time on the preparation work as you do on actually applying paint to your home.

The first step in preparing your home for painting is to make sure that you have a clean surface. Without properly cleaning away all of the dirt, grime or mildew your paint will not properly bond to the surface and will cause paint failure in a short period of time. The best way to properly clean your house is to use a pressure washer which has a chemical injector. Using a mixture of bleach along with a cleaning detergent such as TSP (tri sodium phosphate), apply the cleaning solution through the chemical injector on your pressure washer and permit it to set on the surface for about 10 minutes. After you allow the detergent time to work, spray off the surface with clean water using your pressure washer while keeping the nozzle of the pressure washer moving at a constant pace so that you will not cause damage to your siding. Make sure that you wash all of your siding, eaves and guttering but be careful around your windows because the direct stream from the pressure washer can easily break the glass.

Next, if you have any loose or flaking paint then you will need to remove the paint using a paint scraper or a stiff putty knife. Before you begin to scrape, you will need to cover all shrubs, driveways, sidewalks or any other areas beneath where you will be scraping with drop cloths or a tarp to help catch the paint chips as you scrape. Scrape away all peeling or loose paint keeping a steady pressure on the paint scraper so that you do not damage or gouge the surface. Be sure to always wear a dust mask and eye protection whenever you are scraping. After you have thoroughly scraped away all loose paint, you will then need to prime any bare wood. Using a quality oil based exterior primer, prime all of the ares where the bare wood is exposed in to create a good bond between the surface and your paint.

You should then caulk all open joints, cracks and around all windows and doors using a good exterior grade caulk. Caulking is a very important step in properly preparing your home to paint and should never be overlooked. The lack of proper caulking can lead to rotten wood, peeling paint and even insect infestations. If you have any minor damage or blemish on your surface, you can use an exterior wood filler to make them appear more smooth and also protect it from further damage. Of course if you have any wood rot or more extensive damage then this wood should be replaced before painting.

Last, before you begin to apply the paint, you will need to tape off any areas that is not supposed to be painted, such as windows and exterior fixtures using painters tape and lightweight plastic.

No matter how good the paint that you decide to use is, it will not last very long without good surface preparation, so follow these guidelines outlined in this article and you will have a well prepared surface on which to paint.

How to Find and Hire A Good Interior Painter

As much as there may be ways to paint your interiors, do the dirty work and make all the tough decisions by yourself, there are some things you most definitely will need a professional for. And so, at times, it will be very important for you to seek painting contractors to paint your interiors. Finding a good painting contractor is not that hard. But these days as most people try to paint their interiors alone, when needed they do not have any idea about where to get a team of good interior painters. That is why, today, we have written about how to find and hire good interior painters.

What is an interior painter?

An interior painter is someone you can pay to get any minor surface or even the walls of your house painted. An interior painter can do more or less anything related to painting your house starting from preparing the walls to a full-paint. They are sometimes hired in groups as well starting from a good number of 20-30 painters. Sometimes, interior painters can also give good suggestions on which color or brand of paint might be good for your walls. So getting professional interior painters might come in handy.

Where do you find a good interior painter?

Usually, interior painters are not very hard to find. The problem, however, exists in getting them to show up at your place. It is almost close to impossible to find interior painters over the internet. This is sort of a downside considering we pretty much can look up anything on the internet. But sadly, in this case, talking to your neighbor might actually help. By which we mean that, you should contact people and they might be able to help you more than the internet. Other than that, sometimes local painting contractors leave leaflets and posters which might come in handy as well.

Also, in urban areas there are many magazines related to renovating houses where you might get phone numbers or email addresses of interior painters. 

How to hire an interior painter?

There are some things you need to consider before hiring your chosen interior painters. Do not take an irrational decision and think calmly before you hire someone. Consult someone if possible.

>Decide if you want to hire or paint yourself.

The first thing you need to do is decide whether you want to hire someone to paint your house at all. Some of us want things done a certain way and so having someone work for us might make things more complicated.

>Choose responsible painters.

If you do choose to trust interior painters with your work, then it is very important for you to choose a group of painterpainters who are responsible and will finish your work on time. Also, if you choose a group of painters, consult with them beforehand and try to observe whether they can work well as a group.

>See if they are licensed.

Make sure to check if the interior painters you pick have a license. If you find a licensed painter, it means they are more qualified and will finish the work smoothly.

>Decide the cost and verify with others.

If you reveal that you are new to hiring interior painters, they might try to get more money out of you. So, it is necessary for you to have a good idea about how much it costs to get painters based difference in time and number of workers.

>If all goes well, hire away!

For instance, if you are looking for a painter in Denver and after everything you realize that you want to hire them, then do not hesitate to hire immediately. But make sure before you set a date for the work, you know which furniture to move and which room might be unavailable for that time. 

Even though working on your home alone maybe seem like a good idea, hiring professional help comes in handy. Not only that sometimes you have no choice. Before getting a good interior painter, you should always consult with someone who has hired before.